Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle School Growth and Empowerment

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Principals Message

To the Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle School Community,


Thank you for continuing to be a part of our amazing family of educators. It is truly an honor to work with all of you as we continue to service our scholars a in the upcoming 2018-19 school year. My first two year as your leader have been tremendously rewarding and I appreciate all the support I've received. This year marked a huge milestone in our school’s history as all of our academic (many which is highest academic data our school has reached) and behavioral data has increased and we have done a complete turn around after our rough 2016-17 start. Together we worked towards holding our students to high expectations, pushing their academics, and improving our school culture. We are the Spartan FORCE and we will continue to increase access to a rigorous education for all our students. I continue to expect “no blame, no shame, and no excuses” as we enter our 12th year.  Time is of the essence and we must value every moment we have with our scholars before our time runs out.


Data Highlights

  • 63% of our 8th graders achieved at grade level or advanced on the ELA section of the CAASPP.
  • 47% of our students are at grade level or advanced compared to 34% the year before.
  • 30% of our students are at grade level or advanced compared to 20% the year before.


I’m excited to about the upcoming year as we continue to fine tune all of our programs and services. First, we will continue to push our instructional focus on vocabulary acquisition and application “WORD UP! LEVEL UP! GROW 100!”, planning for rigorous standards/task aligned lessons, and our school-wide signature practices. Second, we will continue to communicate the school-wide learning outcomes “Spartan FORCE” expectations to all of our stakeholders and apply the PBIS model to generate a positive learning environment for all our students. I am a Future leader, I Own my learning, I am Resilient, I am going to College, I am Engaged. Third, we will continue to program students into their  Personalized Learning block that will serve specific student needs based on their Lexile and CAASPP levels. Finally, our Associate Student Body (ASB) will be entering their second year as our student governing body and school athletics will continue to win championships.  Go Spartans!

I would like to end this message by continuing to highlight our vision to embed social justice. Skirball is pushing students in a direction that is opposite of their trajectory. We are pushing away the inequalities that our scholars face by teaching them about the world, increasing their ability to read and compute, and by modeling leadership qualities and behaviors. As a community we must continue to be resilient and cherish the time we have with our kids, as this time is the bridge that will lead them to a place of prosperity and hope for a better future.



Marco Ibarra

Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle School Principal