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Ms. Joan Wicks » 6th Grade Humanities

6th Grade Humanities

The Humanities course goal is for students to master the 6th Grade Common Core English Language Arts standards using a historical lens to understand people, cultures, and events from the past and the present. Students develop the stamina and strategies needed for independent comprehension and deep reading of complex narrative and informational texts. Students also develop mastery in select 6th Grade Common Core Social Studies standards to further support their speaking/listening, reading, writing, and thinking skills. Additional focus on language and academic vocabulary also help students build these skills. Students demonstrate their knowledge through assessment, research, writing and digital presentations.

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Holiday Weekend Homework

Students must complete the following homework assignments over the 3 Day weekend.
1. Finish reading the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Use this link if you do not have your book.  PT Indian.
2. Complete the Story Map Front and Back
3. Complete the Video Journal Quick Write.  Famous Failures Video

What do you think “if you never failed, you never lived” means?  Do you think it is true?  Why or why not?

Failure is ________.

The saying "If you never failed you never lived means______ because _______.

For example, ___________.  In addition______. Finally, __________.

4. Ask a parent about something they failed at doing.  What would they do differently now?

My ____ said that he/she failed at _______.