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Mr. Carl Evans » Mr. Evans 6th grade Physical Education / Health

Mr. Evans 6th grade Physical Education / Health

Hello and welcome to Mr. Evans Physical Education and Health class.   My Teacher Assistant Miss. D, whose my right-hand woman, and myself are looking forward to a fantastic year here at Skirball Middle School. If every student come with a good attitude and a readiness to learn and you will have the best journey of getting mentally and physically fit . I believe in enriching the lives of our children through student-centered curriculum aimed to develop and enhance the students’ lives on a physical, emotional and social level. Students will participate in many engaging standards-based units focusing on sportsmanship, teamwork, rules, strategies and skills. I hope that you will contact me if you or your child needs assistance during this semester. And may the F.O.R.C.E. be with You!
Hola, mi nombre es Sr. Carl Evans. Estoy deseando un año fantástico aquí en Skirball Middle School. Creo en enriquecer las vidas de nuestros niños a través de un currículo centrado en el estudiante destinado a desarrollar y mejorar la vida de los estudiantes a nivel físico, emocional y social. Los estudiantes participarán en muchas unidades basadas en estándares centradas en el espíritu deportivo, el trabajo en equipo, las reglas, las estrategias y las habilidades. Espero que usted me contacte si usted o su niño necesitan ayuda durante este semestre. Y puede el F.O.R.C.E. ¡estar contigo!


Do Now #1 - 8/15/17

 Here the first of many Do Now's that you will receive in my Health class.
Your do know check for understanding of the important information you have receive throughout the past three class period. The assignment will be due by the next health class.

The Bank

 This is where you can access all the given assignment , Do Now's, and other important document that will allow you the opportunity to be successful in my class.