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Testing Resources » Illuminate Assessment Instructions for Scholars

Illuminate Assessment Instructions for Scholars

ELA & MATH Interim Assesment #3
Subject Test Title Date Location
English Language Arts Alliance 2017-2018 Grade_ ELA Interim Assessment 3
March 1st & 2nd
Alliance 2017-2018 Grade_
[Curriculum] Interim Assessment 3
March 5th Advisory
Instructions & Tips for

The link for the assessment can be found here:
  • LAPTOPS: If you are using a laptop, please make sure that ALL apps are closed. If they do not close, ask your local STL for assistance. If there is not STL in your class, inform your teacher about the issue. 
  • IPADS: Use the Puffin App for the test and make sure all the apps are closed! 
Login Information
You will be using your Google Accounts to log in to take the assessment. It is your first name, last name initial, achieve ID, and Remember to have zScaler information ready which is first name, last name initial, achieve ID @alliance.lan
  1. Take a break when stressed out about a question.
  2. Revisit questions you do not know the answer to. You have the time!  
  3. When losing focus:
    1. STOP
    2. BREATH
    3. RESET
  4. Have your heart on the goal and your mind on the task at hand. 
*Created by the students in Gear Up!